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Fusion 3.0 released

Fusion 3.0

Fusion 3.0 is a major new release of our package IP Telephony and Unified Communication solution. This new release contains a large amount of new features and improvement, focusing on an improved end-user experience.


Included are:


  • T.38 support for reliable fax transmissions over VoIP based connections such as SIP trunks to a telecom operator.
  • Call Admission Control (CAC) enables fine-grained control over simultaneous call limitations towards remote offices connected through a VPN.
  • Connected Line Identification Presentation (COLP) enables a user to see the name and the number of the connected party which is ringing or to which he or she is connected to. This feature is highly useful in case of transfers, and complements Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP), which allows a user to see who is calling, which has always been supported. COLP is available for select SNOM, Aastra and Polycom phones, more devices are added regularly.
  • Improved language support: English, French and Dutch.
  • Bundled with SMP 4.9 and net.Desktop 2.27

All information about Fusion 3.0, including detailed specifications, the administrator guide, the user guide and others is located here. The release is currently in Early deployment (ED) status and will be General deployment in a couple of weeks.

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